Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie

CW BMovie final cover

I’m proud to announce that I have a story in a Future Chronicles anthology! My story, “Gorillabot vs. Killer Mermaids from Neptune,” appears alongside some amazing stories from some fantastic authors.


Mummies and giant robots. Werewolves and monster koalas. Plague creatures and demonic clowns…. They’re coming! They’re hungry! And they’re not human-intolerant!

Enter the forbidden valley with nine of the most imaginative authors writing today. They’ve twisted their craft to tackle the most irreverent and unlikely stories they can muster under the influence of alcohol and various over-the-counter hallucinogens… No apologies, no prisoners, just a 100% pure off-Hollywood thrill-ride.

Get ready for the drive-in of your life. Get ready for ‘Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie.’

‘Chronicle Worlds: B-Movie’ is
Matthew StottStefan BolzDaniel Arthur SmithEamon AmbroseJessica West, S. S Elliot BrandisChristopher ValinForbes West, and Artie Cabrera. Art by Ron Joseph, illustrator, and Jesse Heagy, colorist. Edited by Ellen Campbell. B-Movie concept by Artie Cabrera. Chronicle Worlds series editor Samuel Peralta.


~ by christophervalin on October 30, 2017.

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