Sidekick: The Red Raptor Files – Part 1

Sidekick - Kindle Cover

IT’S HERE! The first book in the Red Raptor Files trilogy: SIDEKICKHow can you not LOVE that amazing cover by the incredible Jonboy Meyers?

THE CITY’S GREATEST HERO HAS DISAPPEARED and it’s up to his teenage sidekick to find him.

But Red Raptor isn’t prepared for the challenges he must face when he has to go up against their most dangerous foe without his partner.

Sawyer was starting to get a little bored being Red Raptor, the sidekick of The Black Harrier. Since his power allows him to copy anything he watches, he’s followed his partner into numerous battles and come through virtually unscathed. In fact, his problems living at home with an alcoholic single mom and being bullied at school are worse than anything he’s faced as a crime fighter.

And then there’s this girl…

For the first time in his life, Red Raptor is forced to test the limits of his abilities and come to grips with what it means to be a hero.

“Valin has taken the familiar and re-imagined it in an exciting and fresh way for the next generation of superhero fans.” – Bret Bernal, Tao Boy and Engine


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  1. […] Sidekick: The Red Raptor Files – Part 1 by Christopher J. Valin Blurb: The Sidekick to his city’s greatest hero has to go solo to save the day, and his partner. My Thoughts: I’ve got too many unread Indie-pubbed Super-Hero books in my possession already, as fun as this looks, I need to cut it. Verdict: […]

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