Gary Seven Rules

As I was writing my Week 3 entry for the Kirk vs. Picard screenwriting contest, I decided to throw in a character named Gary Seven from The Original Series to help explain what was going on in the story, as well to add some tension and someone who could start to close the story out. I got a lot of flack for it when the entry won for that week, both from people saying, “How can you introduce another character in the third act?” and from those who said, “Who the hell is Gary Seven?”

When Star Trek‘s second season was coming to a close and it didn’t look like it was coming back, Gene Roddenberry slipped in a stealth pilot for a new series as the last episode of the season. The show, as well as the episode, was called Assignment: Earth, and was about Gary Seven, a James Bond-type of secret agent who was brought up on an alien planet and descended from humans taken to that planet thousands of years ago. He’s also one of the coolest characters ever created for TV.

Teacher and musician Andy Patterson created this awesome “what if?” opening for the never-made show. Enjoy.

3 Responses to “Gary Seven Rules”

  1. What a cool video. But seriously, thanks for featuring me. There’s another one that’s pretty cool too on this site.

  2. Andy Patterson is a genious for zeroing in on this one Star Trek episode which had excellent potential for becoming a fantastic spin-off series and pursuing the possibilities of flambidamjam opening credits and sfivien them music that actually make you want to see this show that doesn’t even exist. Somebody in Hollywood who wants to step out in front of the fads and trends in television should pick up this ball (and Patterson) and run with it!!!

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