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Christopher Valin - Author Photo   I know what you’re thinking: “All the information I get every time I do a Google search for ‘Christopher Valin’ can’t possibly be about the same guy.” And you’re right. Let me start with who I’m not: I’m not the Geology guy from Vermont. I’m most certainly not the guy in Iowa who had some DUI cases go all the way to the state supreme court. I’m not even the California teacher who is a socialist (although I have been accused of being one in the past).

I am, however, a California teacher (the other guy’s middle initial is “C” and mine is “J”), so you may come up with my school’s website. I teach high school social science: history, government/civics, economics, geography, and criminal justice. I am a writer, so you may come across references to my Cowrite win, my L.A. Times “Birds of Paradise” chapter, My FanLib page, or the online articles about me winning Week 3 of their Kirk vs. Picard screenplay contest. I’ve also done well in some other screenwriting contests, especially with a script I wrote called Secret Disciple, so there’s a lot out there about that. In addition, I’m a genealogy enthusiast and historian (I have a master’s degree in military history), so you may find my family tree, or information about a famous ancestor of mine named Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Douglas, especially the book that I wrote called Fortune’s Favorite: Sir Charles Douglas and the Breaking of the Line. I’ve worked as a professional comic book inker, so you may get some hits along those lines, too. You may even stumble across some old band websites from when I played electric bass guitar in rock and blues bands such as Rikki Dee Hall and the Voodoo Hawks. But mostly you’d probably see lots and lots of reviews of sci-fi TV shows and movies that I’ve written for pop culture web sites such as Television Woodshed, Pop Syndicate, Mediasharx, and ZENtertainment. I also appear in the documentary The People vs. George Lucas. My most recent work is a YA superhero series of novels called The Red Raptor Files.

Is that who I am though? Nah, that’s what I do. Who I am is a father, husband, and son with too many interests and too little time on my hands.

And one thing I never, ever can be is bored.


14 Responses to “About Me”

  1. hey chris! thanks for stopping by the blog. yes! get thee to walnut! 😀

  2. Christopher, did your father come from Canton, Maasachusetts? and is his name Vincent? If this is the case, please respond, as myself and another high school classmate of your father’s want to know about him and where he is. Was your father’s mother named Eva, and your grandfather also Vincent Valin. Hope we hear from you one way or the other.

    Stephen Hagan and Bob Trayers

  3. Hello… Hmmm, I think you’re the same Mr. Valin, I had for Econ class of 04′. Anyhow, I was a terrible student, I think I did okay. Nice to see you on the interwebz. Hope you’re doing well, sir.

    • Hi Roy! It’s funny…I was just looking at the drawing you made of me (it’s still on my wall). How are you? Did you start your bike business? Good to hear from you.

      • Doin well sir! That’s a weird synchronicity indeedly.. about the drawing. it’s like when you think about someone, then you get a call from that person. No not like, it’s exactly that. Haha. Im glad you kept it! that;s really cool. didnt think you;d remember me.

        I saw your name on my HS transcript one time I was at my lawyer’s office, and I immediately remembered your first name, so I google’d you. I also have only recently got into X-files (barely in season 1, gotdamn Tooms, man. That slick fool), being deep into Fringe over the recent years… saw your write up about Fringe that it is X-files derivative, me thinking the the vice versa when viewing X-files, but we all know which one is gangsta OG. Haha. psshhh, also, you were IN the X-files, as a dude being processed in the background. In the same screen as Dana Scully… too cool.

        Also gonna check out your stories when I get time to sit down and digest. I’m sure they’re awesome. Any good books you’re reading recently? been meaning to read Graham Hancock’s Entanglement, but I keep making excuses not to, in my head… unhealthy.

        Still possible about the bike business, I get around on a road bike… the times had caught up with it, and is actually a better choice than driving for me. Screw payin 4.70 for gas. Ha! sorta fell into office work right after HS… soul sucking monotonous work, but still very thankful for it. it’s just non-creative. Should all turn around soon though. Im staying positive things always look up, I know I’ll be into something creative soon..

        You still staying around Caulifownia? I’d love to grab a coffee or beer and catch up sometime… lots of clowny crap has happened to the world since I last seen ya.

        Keep in touch, good sir!

      • I’m still at LP if you want to come and visit, Roy.

  4. Hey Mr. Valin, it’s Justin. I was the guy that sat in the front of your Civic’s class during the summer of ’12. I still have the picture of Batman you drew me, it’s amazing. I came across your blog site and just wanted to say you were a great teacher. I loved your class, I learned a lot, especially since I won that mock presidential election (despite losing by my own popular vote). I have to say you are an interesting person, I actually ended up reading your book and I loved it. So just wanted to tell you that, and if you can and don’t mind, I’d really like if you could draw me a picture of the Dark Knight Batman? Maybe you could just like scan it and email it to me. Just wondering, if you can’t, I don’t mind at all. Thanks for the great summer Mr. Valin, take care!

    • Hi Justin. It’s good to hear from you, and I’m glad you enjoyed my class. I can email you a drawing of the Dark Knight Batman. Should I use the email address you used for this post?

  5. Hey Mr. Valin! Yeah that will be perfect. The email I used should be fine. Thank you so much. You really got some serious talents sir, I respect that.

  6. Hey Mr Valin!
    Stephanie here from your 2004-2005 civic and econs class. You always pop in my head every once in a while. You had a certain way of making a mark on students. Thank you for letting me draw spider man on your white board and making me feel like I wasn’t a complete weirdo for liking super heroes haha. Anywho I found the book you recommended on “how to draw spider man” by Steve Buscemi year’s ago. I guess I just wanted to say you were definitely one of my favorite teachers and your many talents of being a comic book artist (color blind one at that 😊) made an imprint. Good to see you have done so much more since then. Now I wonder how you ended up in LP lol jk. I never became an illustrator but I did become a mother 4 years ago and it drove me to design children’s “vintage inspired” clothing for my own little brand Thanks for the creative push!! Hope you and your fam are well! 💚

  7. Hi, Chrstopher
    My name’s John Draper. I wrote my first book about three years ago, a literary fiction piece called A Danger to God Himself. It sold, maybe, 11 copies. My indie writing buddies keep telling me I need to find a genre. But I wasn’t a genre reader as a kid, so I’m unfamiliar with it. What I DID read as a kid was comic books, so I’m going to have a go at writing superhero novels.

    Any advice

    – john draper hoju1959@gmail.com

    • Hi John,

      I apologize for not getting back to you. For some reason the notification for your comment ended up in my spam folder. I hope you were able to get started on your superhero novel in the meantime. I suggest joining a few online groups of superhero authors if you haven’t done so already and seeing everything they’ve had to say about writing these types of books. I think the most important thing is to write really good stories and make sure you have a professional-looking cover, no matter what genre you write in. Creat a universe and heroes that you’d want to read about yourself and have fun!

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