Inking Samples 3

Here’s an interior page for a Witchblade comic that I did as a sample.


This is a pinup of a character called Zein that I inked for AK Comics.

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  1. […] My Inking Samples I’ve posted a couple of my inking samples on a page here. The first is a Tomb Raider cover, and the second is a Witchblade cover. Also, there’s the inked and final versions of a cover I did for AK Comics here and a couple more things here. […]

  2. Very cool work!

  3. Very professional! Very Cool! Very Valin!!

  4. Hi there,
    Since you worked as a professional inker for some time, I have an art question; what kind of tools do you use for inking?

    I bought myself a set of various Copic Markers (all seem to be felt-tipped), but no matter what kind of sketchpaper or printing paper I use to draw on, the pens never seem to ‘glide’ over the paper, it feels more like I’m scraping coarse cardboard. I have heard that alot of pro’s use bristol (smooth) paper, but I was wondering if there is a noticeable difference between that and say, printing paper?

    Here’s a sample of my work
    You can’t really notice much at this resolution, but the area ontop of her head is pretty much atypical of the kinds of errors I run into with inks.

    • Nice work on that drawing! If you’re going to be inking with India ink, Bristol board is definitely the way to go. I always run into the same problems you were talking about whenever I have to ink on a surface that someone has drawn on besides Bristol. You should be able to find it at most art supply stores, but if you’re doing actual comic book art, I suggest buying the pre-cut, pre-lined (in non-photo blue) pages you can get from companies like BlueLine. As for tools, I suggest trying out a number of different options and figuring out what works best for you. I’ve used those markers and also crowquill pens, but I prefer a sable hair brush for inking organic and natural objects and Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens for machines and other technical things, including panel borders.

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