The Last Cylon

Because I review Battlestar Galactica every week for Pop Syndicate, I’ve been asked who I think will turn out to be the last of the twelve humanoid Cylon models. I’ve thought a lot about this, and I’ve been narrowing it down in my mind, and come up with my theory.

When I came up with it, I thought I’d had a revelation and put it into my review several weeks ago, as well as in some comments on blogs that were discussing it. But I should have known that there would be some fans who were way ahead of me…when I started searching for others who had come up with the same theory, there were quite a few out there. But I did come up with my suspect before I had read it anywhere else.

Before they revealed four of the Final Five in last season’s finale, there were all kinds of “rules” that hard core fans had come up with on who could be a Cylon, especially on the Battlestar Wiki. Most of them went out the window when they revealed that Col. Saul Tigh, Chief Galen Tyrol, Tory Foster, and Samuel Anders were Cylons. Now people are coming up with more rules, but I have a feeling a lot of those won’t stick either. Let’s face it: the writers and producers on shows like this don’t care nearly as much as the fans do about these kinds of things, and they’re going to do whatever they think makes for a good story and a good show.


But Ron Moore did reportedly state that the last Cylon was not one of the characters in the “Last Supper” cast photo that appeared in Entertainment Weekly. If he’s not lying (which he may be), that would rule out some of the top suspects, including, Baltar, Roslin, William Adama, Starbuck, and Lee Adama. It also means it’s not going to be a major character, since they’re all in the picture.

So who, among the supporting cast, is the most likely candidate? My money is on Felix Gaeta. He’s the brain of the CIC, right? He’s the one running the jumps that the Cylons always seem to be able to mysteriously be able to follow, right? He helped Baltar create the Cylon detector, and made the “mistake” that allowed the Cylon virus into Galactica‘s computers. And how about that scene where Baltar whispers a secret (maybe he knows) and Gaeta literally tries to murder him?

Plus he was Baltar’s presidential aide during the Cylon occupation on New Caprica, like Tory is Roslin’s now. Oh, but wait! He was feeding info to the human resistance, so how could it be him? Who was it that led the human resistance again? Let’s see…Tigh, Chief, Anders…

~ by christophervalin on May 11, 2008.

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