Another Update on Gaeta as the Final Cylon [SPOILERS]

Gaeta ScyFyPortal claims that it has inside info on the identity of the last of the Twelve Cylons, but rather than just give up the name, they’ve narrowed it down to five. Guess who’s on the list? That’s right, Felix Gaeta. He’s still my top choice, with the other four on their list being Laura Roslin, Ellen Tigh, Cally Tyrol, and Lee Adama. If their information is correct, then it rules out my second choice, Dualla, as well as some of my other top suspects, including Helo and Tom Zarek.

Whether or not it’ll pan out remains to be seen, so make sure you tune in to the Sci Fi Channel on January 16 when Battlestar Galactica returns.

~ by christophervalin on December 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “Another Update on Gaeta as the Final Cylon [SPOILERS]”

  1. Ha! It would be great if it was Cally since that bitch Cylon airlocked her into space. Cylon cat fight!

  2. I think the other possibility is Rollo Lampkin.

  3. Lampkin is a possibility that I’ve seen mentioned a lot. However, if he is, then ScyFy Portal is either mistaken or lying to us, which I don’t believe.

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