Gary Seven Returns

assignment_earth_issue_2Well, to be accurate, he’s been back for several months in a comic book mini-series from IDW called Star Trek: Assignment Earth. But now you can get the entire five-issue series in a trade paperback at comic stores and places like It’s written and drawn by John Byrne, one of my favorite comic artists (although I liked his art better when it was inked by real inkers instead of either roughly inked or just pencilled-and-scanned by Byrne…but I digress), and he does a good job of giving us a taste of what Assignment: Earth would have been like if the series had actually been made (the Star Trek episode of the same name was supposed to be a backdoor pilot). If you’re a fan of Gary Seven, Star Trek, or Byrne, I highly recommend it.

~ by christophervalin on December 25, 2008.

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