I Still Think it’s Gaeta…

Maybe I’m just in denial because I was convinced that Lt. Felix Gaeta was the last Cylon for so long, but I still believe it’s going to turn out to be him. First off, there’s no real confirmation that Ellen is really the last Cylon within the show. Here are some possibilities:

1. Tigh had a false memory

2. Ellen was a Cylon, but she was an older Six model

3. Ellen was a Cylon, but something different than the others

One thing that has me thinking is the fact that the other four were all VERY anti-Cylon, and Ellen wasn’t (in fact, she collaborated with them, albeit to save her husband). With Gaeta about to start a mutiny in the fleet, he’s about the most anti-Cylon human alive right now. That’s exactly the kind of thing Ron Moore and company would pull on us to keep us on our toes yelling “Holy Frak! They did it again!”

~ by christophervalin on January 25, 2009.

6 Responses to “I Still Think it’s Gaeta…”

  1. LOL.

  2. Sorry to be back, but too bad he’s dead now, and Ellen resurrected.

    • Don’t forget that lots of people thought Ellen was a Cylon when she first appeared out of nowhere, then discounted it after Tigh poisoned her. Now she’s apparently back (I say “apparently” because you can’t trust previews on this show. Look at last week’s, where they showed Adama being shot, and it turned out to be Baltar’s dream). I know it looks like I’m completely off, but at this point, I’m planning on sticking with my theory until the credits on the last episode are rolling.

  3. You may be onto something – his cryptic “I hope people know who I really am” in last night’s episode sure seemed telling.

  4. We’ll see…

  5. Still think it’s funny that I think it’s Gaeta?

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