So…My Gaeta Theory Doesn’t Sound So Ridiculous Now, Does It?

[SPOILERS for this week’s episode, “No Exit”]

I’ve been getting a lot of flack about my Gaeta theory ever since they revealed that Ellen Tigh is the “Last Cylon.” But I’ve been holding fast to my theory that there’s something more going on here, and sure enough we found out tonight that there is a thirteenth humanoid Cylon model. He’s male and “artistic” and he went by “Daniel.” It also explains the discrepancy in the numbering of the original humanoid Cylons we knew about previously (1-6 and 8, with Daniel being Number Seven).

Now, what was it Gaeta was saying last week about being artistic, and about hoping everyone would find out “who he really is?”

~ by christophervalin on February 13, 2009.

8 Responses to “So…My Gaeta Theory Doesn’t Sound So Ridiculous Now, Does It?”

  1. I was sitting on my bed, 3:30am, and my brother comes in and asks if I saw Battlestar. We started talking about it, and it clicked in my mind – Gaeta is Daniel. I searched the internet to see if someone else had same thought, and I’m glad I am not alone. I also think the smile on his face before he died is an indication that he’s a cylon. I don’t think he was simply smiling back at Zarek – whom he hated. Though I don’t have a precise explanation. There’s also still a lot of reasons that it’s probably not him. I would think that he is aware he is a cylon (due to what Baltar says), so why would he try to take command of the ship? I say this thinking that Gaeta is truly noble and a good person and not an enemy.

    The introduction of a thirteenth Cylon makes sense because of the numbering. It also makes sense because there are 13 colonies. However, I thought Starbuck was going to be the 13th cylon from the 13th colony, which would explain her existence. Now I’m almost thinking that she really is the harbinger of death.

    • I think you’re right about Gaeta smiling at the end of the episode before he was executed. Part of it may be that he began to realize he was a Cylon, and was in such denial that he went way overboard in being anti-Cylon. I think everyone had assumed that there were twelve Cylon models because there were twelve colonies (named after the signs of the Zodiac), but now that we know the nature of the Final Five and the ones they created for the Centurions, it makes sense that the number really has nothing to do with the number of colonies.

      As for Starbuck, I think she may very well be a Cylon, but only because she was resurrected as one after she crashed on Earth. That makes her different from the rest, because she started out as human and was resurrected in a Cylon body that was a copy of her human form.

  2. I think this as well and for a while. Also what gay guy wasn’t artistic to some degree lol.

  3. Don’t forget that Baltar tells Gaeta “I know who you are”. He bumped into him at the temple.

  4. I think Gaeta was Daniel. Too many things point to him as Daniel.

    I don’t think the numbers really apply to the Cylons bar giving the link to the thirteen tribes of man. Have a read of the link at the bottom if you haven’t seen it already, he/she has a great theory.
    At the same time, i think he was also a Lord Of Kobol, as was Tom Zarek, they smirked at one another. Their mutiny and death would lead to more peace between humans and Cylons, ready for settling on Earth. I think all the major decision making characters where LOK, all working for God and his plan. Adama releasing Hera into the stream, his name is very similar to Adamanthea who nurse the baby Zeus to maturity.

  5. Nick, I completely agree that Gaeta was Daniel. Most people feel like it was settled, and we may never know for sure, but I’ll always think that Gaeta was a Cylon, and Daniel makes the most sense.

  6. Hi there, My names is marie… i jsut googled this because i too new in the episode when gaeta was shot that he was a cylon and clicked into place that he was daniel when it was mentioned. I’ve mentioned this to friends and their like “what”? and i just dont understand how they can not notice,,, or totally disregard that whole little dream sequence with baltar.

    • Hi Marie, thanks for commenting. The writers have still never admitted that Gaeta was Daniel, but it’s still hard to ignore all the evidence. I have a feeling they just had so much to wrap up at the end that they decided to just leave it open to interpretation. Plus, they’ve admitted that they were making it up as they were going along, so it may be that it was their intention but they decided to drop the idea at the last minute.

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