Top Five Cliches in X-Men Origins: Wolverine






1. The Post-Tragedy Pull-Away Primal Scream


  2. The Montage


  3. Second Post-Tragedy Pull-Away Primal Scream


  4. Matrix-Style Slo-Mo Fighting


 5. The Non-Chalant Slo-Mo Walk-Away Explosion

~ by christophervalin on May 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Top Five Cliches in X-Men Origins: Wolverine”

  1. Funny 🙂 I look forward to seeing these when we go see the movie tonight.

    BTW, Sunshine Cleaning was filmed in Albuquerque. If you haven’t seen it, some of it might make you a little NM-homesick. Also, In Plain Sight also has some footage in Albuquerque. AND one more thing you may not have seen–or rather, didn’t realize it was our school (I think this is the coolest) from Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

    • Well, if you go in with low expectations it probably won’t be so bad.

      I haven’t seen Sunshine Cleaning or In Plain Sight, but I doubt I’d feel NM-homesick after that or anything else. I only lived there for less than five years, which used to seem like a lot, but now seems like such a short time. Plus, it looks so different than when I moved away almost 25 years ago.

      When I watched the T:SCC pilot, I thought for sure that was Highland, so I looked it up and confirmed it. That was really cool, especially since I like the show. I actually had a student a couple of years ago who had just moved from Albuquerque and was going to Highland. I said, “I bet my favorite teacher, Mr. Figge, retired a long time ago.” She replied, “Never heard of him. Unless he’s the guy Figge Hall is named after.”

      Boy, did I feel old.

  2. just saw wolverine last night (hey i have a 4 year old, we don’t get out to the movies much), and i agree so wholeheartedly.

    the opening credits with the sepia montage made me groan. i only had about 90 minutes to go after that. i think hugh jackson is very talented, and aside from cameos in upcoming films, i hope the wolverine film franchise is dead, and left in the comics where it works.

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