So I have this Flash Theory…

reverse flash

First off, let me give a SPOILER ALERT in case anyone isn’t caught up with the show, and also to anyone who hasn’t heard the official announcement about Wells and Reverse Flash…

– – –

Ready? Okay, so I’ve had this theory almost since the beginning, and I hadn’t seen it anywhere else until today, so I wanted to get it down before it goes widespread, or gets revealed on the show: I think Harrison Wells is actually Barry Allen from the future. First, I think that Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen, and Tom Cavanagh, who plays Wells, look too much alike for it to be a coincidence. Second, most fans have assumed that Eddie Thawne will end up as Reverse Flash (at least eventually) because his name is so similar to one of the Reverse Flash characters in the comics, and they’ve been setting up a showdown over Iris all along. They’ve announced that Wells is officially Reverse Flash, just as the tag at the end of the mid-season finale seemed to reveal, but they probably wouldn’t have done that unless there’s some kind of twist, and Grant Gustin himself says he was shocked by the reveal at the end of the season. Plus there are a bunch of other little things…Wells’ name being a probable pseudonym for someone travelling through time from the future (in other words, using H.G. Wells because of The Time Machine); the fact that the Flash actually gave himself his powers in the retconned version of his origin, where he traveled back in time to his own origin; the fact that Wells knows so much about Barry and his powers; the revelation that Wells is faking being in a wheelchair.

There are definitely some problems with this, not the least of which is the fact that Wells is a murderer. Not that heroes haven’t gone bad, or even insane, in the past, but if he’s Flash, that would present a problem…unless he figures he’s going to change the past and it’s not going to matter in the end anyway. And, if he traveled back in time in order to make Barry more powerful so that he can defeat Reverse Flash (presumably Thawne at that point, not Wells) when Barry eventually goes back in time himself to save his mom.


~ by christophervalin on January 20, 2015.

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