Birds of Prey

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SidekickBlack Harrier, Red Kite, Red Raptor, Redhawk, Osprey, Eaglestar — Christopher J. Valin’s recently released superhero novel is stuffed with a kettle of predatory birds.

Sure, there are other superheroes in the book (like Cupid, the flying bowman, and Omar the Defenestrator), but the author is clearly obsessed with birds of prey. There’s no room for lesser birds like Black Canary, Mockingbird, and Robin.

The novel starts out with Red Kite (Sawyer Vincent) grousing about his current situation. He’s been Black Harrier’s sidekick for the past three years and he’s not happy about it. He’s embarrassed by his mentor’s corny Batman-like affectations, and he’s tired of being treated like a kid.

He even hates his superhero name. “Being called Red Kite makes me feel like I’ll never be taken seriously,” he says. “I mean, nobody even knows it’s a bird.”

Clearly, it was time for a makeover. Sawyer spends hours…

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~ by christophervalin on April 20, 2016.

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